Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new dawn

A mommy-friend of mine, Dawn Gusty, has had MS for 12 years. Though she, since I have known her in playgroups for the past several years, has kept a super positive attitude and has taken great care of her body to stave off the effects, she fears without major intervention that she will be in a wheelchair within a year. (The past few years she has been relying on a walker and motorized scooter to help her keep up with her preschooler.) The great news is that there is hope for reversal of symptoms through stem cell treatments and she is already halfway to meeting her financial goal! She will be going to Tiajuana to recieve the treatments in June. Currently they are doing a drive for 500 people to donate 20 bucks to help out with the exorbitant expense. So, dear bloggy friends, I thought I would pass along the story of a brave and determined mom who I trust will get the help that she needs to rock a new dawn! To read her story and or to help, please visit Thanks! :)

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TV's Take said...

Mud Mama, I came across your blog through Mom Bloggers Club. First let me say how sorry I am to hear about Nashville and the flooding in your home. Second I just read about your friend with MS and I must say that I just saw a Dateline NBC show about stem cells in Mexico and needless to say it was a scam by apparent doctors. I don't have MS and so I am sure your friend is open to any and all treatments but it's something to research.

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