Saturday, April 24, 2010

stairway to heaven

Moving into a new old house recently there were lots of quirks. One was no hand rail on the stairay going completely up the stairs. Little Man's room is upstairs and ours is down so we were afraid to let him stay in his own bed for the first month we were here which meant he was in our bed. Since he is a squirmy boy there wasn't room for all three of us and none of us slept well and I like never saw the daddy. We FINALLY got the railing put up and a runner too. Yay! Now we can feel good about Little Man trucking up and down to his super cool new room! And a good night's sleep ... heaven!!


JoeyRes said...

I always get a pair of feet in my back when the little wonder sleeps in our bed. Glad you're back to normal! Your stairs look lovely.

blueviolet said...

I hate when there is no rail! Scary! My daughter's house has a really steep and looooooong stairway up into the master suite and the stairs are wood. I'm so afraid she's going to fall and break her neck one of these days!

yonca said...

It is scary if there is no rail when you have a little one.Glad you got it now. Looks beautiful!
Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

So nice to have your bed back. My shoulder
was hurting and I couldn't figure out why-
then I realize my little guy dug his chin
into my shoulder when he crawled in our
bed . . .
Beautiful stairs-hope you and your squirmy
guy sleep sound.

-Spectrum Mom

Molly said...

Your new home looks beautiful! I hope you get some solid rest now that the staircase is squared away. Post more pics!!!

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