Saturday, January 22, 2011

Disney dreamin'

With more snow in the forecast, I am snow-dayed out and dreaming of Disney! Much like we had a "smiley face countdown to Christmas" which helped the little guy "make good choices" at school and keep smiley faces on his smiley face chart in December, we are now on a "smiley face countdown to Disney". Now, this is a little bit risky because it is about seven weeks away and if one of the dealbreakers is broken we are all screwed! He is super-motivated though, and I have a loophole in mind anyway, so I think it is all good. We can will it to be-right? And as Jimminy-Cricket crooned ..."When you wish upon a star your dreams come true!"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Way....another day off!

Happy New Year! Haven't written in a while. Busy 'round here. Getting back into the swing of a new school year for one whole week then we got blasted with snow. Tomorrow will be our forth snow day in a row! (Roads are clear except for some rural parts of the county) We have been having a great time, but...enough is enough! Ready to get back on it. We have enjoyed sleeping in and staying in our jammies, sledding and snow men, fires and hot cocoa. Oh, and today ... snow ice cream! Ok, eating the elements is a little funky (all white, thank you very much) but it was novel and fun. I just added skim milk, vanilla extract and blue agave nectar (in lieu of sugar) Yum.
It's been lovely. Now come on spring! :)