Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve

Had a blast with Jacie on our Halloween Kids Rock Nashville show Thursday with our special guest singer/songwriter Aaron Raitiere (in photo). We also premiered "Jeep on the Street", "Jeep" is my nickname from childhood/now radio-name, trying to stay Forever Young-baby! Jeep on the Street is a series of interviews with kids and this week's question was "why do we celebrate Halloween" and their answers were cute! To hear a recording of the show go to and follow prompts to the Halloween show!

Got kiddos costume finally yesterday, he is officially going to be Harry Potter (he is all about "magic" now and we are in the middle of reading the second HP book). The Daddy will be understated in Elvis sideburns only and I believe I will be rockin' a classic witches hat ;) I was also considering getting a t-shirt and writing "Muggle" or "Mudblood" on it to go along with the Harry Potter theme, but---maybe not. Today we are making jack-o-lantern rice crispy treats for his school party tomorrow. Will post pics later (if they come out good!)

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mama's Got A Brand New Bag...

Or gig, or somethin' like that! I am now officially the new co-host of Kids Rock Nashville, along with my friend Jacie who had the fabulous idea and started this very groovy kindie-rock weekly radio show. It is located on 107.1 locally or streaming on radiofreenashville Thursday's from 3:00-5:00. (For radio I will be using my childhood nickname of "Jeep"!) If you miss our live broadcast, you can catch it on the website generally the next day at
If you get a chance to go check out last weeks show it was very informative and inspiring! It was an anti-bullying show and we had some great guests...the Kids on the Block program came with their puppets, "three dad's on a mission" kindie-rock band Ka*Pop and Rascal Flat's keyboardist, Tim Akers, co-wrote and produced a song that was chosen to be part of a national anti-bullying campaign on Oct 26th! To hear more about it go check out www.kidsrocknashville and follow prompts to the anti-bullying show.
I am excited about this new venture. If anyone has any ideas for possible guests or music of cool kindie-rockers please lay it on me! Peace!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oooooo, Doggie!

This past weekend, after being canine-less for about 4 years, we adopted a rescue dog.We figured that every boy (and girl) needs a dog and this girl needed a family. I THINK she is around a year old and appears to be an English Pointer mix. (hopefully the doggie DNA test I bought will shed some light on that :) ) We are still trying to get her and the cats acclimated and properly potty train her and name her. The name the rescue folks gave her was Gracie, but that is Little Man's cousin's name and we may want to give her a name ourselves. Contenders are Daisy, Lucy or Lulabelle. Open to any input/suggestions! My life just got a little busier, but she is a sweetheart.