Monday, November 29, 2010

The attitude is gratitude!

I just want to stop and thank you, baby! Sorry that I haven't posted much lately, life has been busy but that is a good thing. I realize more and more how a lot of how we experience life depends on the way we view it. With Thanksgiving this past week I want to try to carry that attitude of gratitude forward with me for the rest of the year and most certainly into 2011!
Last week Little Man had his first school program. He and all of the other kindergartners at his school (approximately 100 kiddos) came onto the stage as the pianist played the Peanuts theme, it was too precious for words. My guy was dressed as a Native American. In light of the recent ADHD diagnosis there is always the concern that my little native could have broken off and done a solo rain dance down the aisle! But, he did GREAT! It was such a special little show and I can't wait to see it on video.
We had a cozy family dinner on Thanksgiving day at our house. Jim and I enjoy pulling out our special linen tablecloth we got in Venice and our wedding china we rarely use. (The centerpiece is what we bought at a dollar store years ago thinking it was a turkey, but is was actually a chicken! I ate Tofurky, by the way :)) We also love doing the cooking. I have several dishes I make, Jim has his dishes and Aunt Karen brings hers. I have been doing this with her and her hubby for many many years now and we have it down! I love the history/tradition!
I am grateful for Jim being such a good host. I made my dishes the day before, but he is Mr timing man in the kitchen on the day of, which allowed me to actually socialize a little. I love the traditions of the foods we really only eat once a year. The little guy and I made placecards for everyone that started with the words "I am thankful for" and then he wrote the names. The food was amazing BUT we had two meals of leftovers--so glad there are no more leftovers leftover!
Luckily, I had agreed to sub a Zumba class on Saturday which helped to burn it off a little. Something else that I am thankful for is that Jim and the little guy went and helped me set up so I wouldn't be stressed out. And the regular teacher had students help out too with the door, putting tables away, so I could just relax and remember the moves! Jim caught our little guy peeking in on the class. Whatever must he think about seeing mama and the other ladies shakin' it to Shakira-ha!

So much for so many of us to be thankful for. Hopefully we can all appreciate what we have and pay it forward a bit this holiday season. That is my goal! Muah! xoxo

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild Times

Jr Zookeeper, Cougar Mommy (ha!) and GrandBobby Gorilla from Halloween night.

Cannot believe Little Man's 6th birthday is just a month away. And party central here is yet to have plan in place! He wants a zoo party (of course) but he is also interested in magicians that he has seen at recent parties. In kindergarten we are to invite either all the boys in the class or all of the boys and girls (19) plus we have other friends we'd like to invite. How many 6 year olds can you have at a house party without going ape?

Friday, November 5, 2010

First field trip without hellicopter mom hovering ...

The central struggle of parenthood is to let our hopes for our children outweigh our fears.
-Ellen Goodman

Yesterday was Little Man's first field trip sans Mama. We both survived. I knew there was an extra set of eyes going along and the teachers are well versed in my little boys bolt-ability, so I felt confident that they would keep a good watch on him.
He saw Suessical the Musical and loved it. There were puppets in it he said, but he wasn't scared because he saw the people controlling the puppets. (He has a thing about costumed characters and puppets)
My friends joked on Facebook about how stalker-mommy was probably incogneto following the bus, going on stage disquised as a Suessical character just so I could keep an eye on him, etc. etc. It was starting to sound like a Lucille Ball sitcom episode! But, I did no such thing. I actually stayed away. This is progress! Letting go as a Mama is not easy, for me at least, but necessary. SIGH!