Saturday, February 27, 2010

Will strip for a hot tub

Not me, people, my son!

Today we went in search of a hottub. We are moving into a new (old) house and the bathrooms are small, so I am thinking, rather than doing a crazy-expensive addition to get the bathroom of my dreams we will "just" get a hottub. Don't you just loooove my rationale?? So, here we are at "Watson's" (funny to you if you live in middle Tennessee and have seen their commercials) with the Little Man. Poor guy had been drug all day from the old house, to the new house, listening to adults discuss exciting things like paint colors and the possibilities of screening in porches. So, by the time we get to Watson's, there is the new stimulation of display hottubs, some already filled and bubbling. We are deep in conversation with the salesman as Little Man is exploring the display room and the next thing we know he is stripping off ALL of his clothes, threatening to jump in to the nearest tub. How in the world could he behave this way? His mother is SUCH a saint!!! Really!

BUT, he redeemed himself a few minutes later when we were driving to the next warehouse and he laughed, pointed and said "a truck wash?!" and I looked up and was surprised to see that the sign did indeed say "truck wash". Proud of my good little reader!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Moving Story

Literally! Gotta write about what you know, right? And we are knee deep in packing boxes and trying to organize for our big move in 2 1/2 weeks. Friends told me of hiring movers that will pack for you (who pack into boxes garbage cans, dirty diapers and all!) but we are packing it up ourselves. The problem with this is when perfectionism sneaks in. For example- I don't want to take any clutter to the new house (hahaha) so I am TRYING to organize everything first. Which if you know me, that is kind of funny. I am a right-brained person and organization is not exactly my forte. I like to be organized though and am doing ok! Getting rid of loads of toys and clothes. The good news is that we have an overlap since we have already bought the new house and don't have to be out of this one for a couple of weeks so every time we go over to the new house we take a box of various items. We are busy making exuecutive decisions --- a full bath and closet add-on has been postponed in favor of having some california closets installed (since it is an older home with LITTLE closet space) and using the money we save to do some other stuff like painting (creamy mocha to cover the vanderbilt gold currently there) and building a deck with screened porch, etc. Just thought I would check in. Off to go through my closet now. UGH!

Friday, February 19, 2010

When I grow up to be a man

The other night I was laying in bed with Little Man for his "five at five". We have decided, thanks to his buddy Ben's mom's rule that I have adopted, now that he is five years old he gets me for five minutes at bedtime after the routine (as opposed to indefinitely). So I tucked him in, turned off the lights and laid there with him and chatted a bit. Still a bit hyper, he chirps:
"I five, then six, then seven, then eight then nine then ten, then I a GROWN-UP!!" Then adds "I like you very much, that's why I no marry a wife, I live with you!!" (Think he will change his mind about that one?!) Still pondering, he says
"Then, I ask you to go play with my friends Savanna and baby Drew and you'll say, "But you are grown-ups!" and he belly laughed at his thought for about a minute.
Wonder if we'll be doing thirty minutes when he is thirty years old, hahahaha!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Got A Whole Lot of Love ...

Valentine's weekend ...
Dinner with my dad, Jim and the little dude last night. We had a Robert Plant sighting at the bar of the mellow Nashville restaurant we were dining at. My husband called it to my attention as we were leaving and I was herding my five year old out. I was all wanting to go back to talk to him. (What I'd say I have no clue!!) My dad reminded me that i wasn't even that into Led Zepplin as a teen. I don't care, it's still Robert-freakin'-Plant. My boy said "I tired, but I want to MEET that man!" Little Man fell asleep in the car shortly thereafter and we headed home sans conversations with rock legends. That was for the best I am sure!
Today was Valentine's. Wanting a little spiritual somethin'-somethin', I took Little Man back to a spiritual center (that I hadn't been to since he broke free of the caregivers last visit) This time I decided to stay with him in the 4-8 year old room. On the way there I told him, "you have a lot of questions, maybe you can ask them some there". So, circle time had just started (with a group of people he didn't know at all) and he said " I have question ... is heaven in your heart or in outerspace?" What a character my kid is. Then they passed around a heart and asked the kids to share what they are thankful for and he said for his new friends there. Oh, how I LOVE that sweet little soul!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And go ...

Okay, I must be officially insane. The sale of our current house is going through (yay!) and we are set to close March 12. Like be in our other house by then. MILES to go between here and there! In the meantime I have set up a house concert/book and CD release party in LA the weekend beforehand. So almost every day will be a mad mix of packing and silmultaneously cramming for my little show, on top of everything else in a normal day. I guess some people must thrive on chaos. SIGH! It's all good though (I think!)
If anyone lives in the LA area and wants to come check out a show all about becoming a mom, please shoot me an email!
If I don't post quite as much as usual in the next month, you'll know why!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm here y'all ... kinda! I am known to be a little indecisive (hence the "muddiness" of my blog name.) So, by the time I decided that I indeed could go to the Blissdom blogging conference here in Nashville (here in Nashville, people) it was sold out. Next year I will know better!
BUT, I was still able to get a cocktail party ticket (to the tune o' 50 bucks).
Last night, pre-party the options were this ... hubby and Little Man drive me to said party (40 minutes from my house) and kill time at the nearby Mall while I socialized, or me get a room at the hotel. I didn't want to spend that $ on a cocktail party and not get a cocktail, know what I am sayin'? And I am too paranoid to drive even after one. Little Man wanted to stay home and watch "Polar Express" and was NOT into the drive mommy adventure. I said "if I go by myself, I may spend the night at the hotel and I will miss you" he said "I will send you a picture so you can see me." Ha! Always thinkin'!
So...I mosied over, on my own, to the Opryland Hotel. The cocktail party was at a fairly new Vegas-style nightclub called Fuse. I ran into some Nashville bloggers who it was great to see. Then, Harry Connick Jr performed a few songs!! He sandwiched an appearance in between performances at the Grammies and the Superbowl. He was VERY cute, I mean ... talented! He looked out into the sea of 500 women bloggers and said "Damn, there are a lot of women here! Where were you all when I was in highschool?!" He also joked about how he thought there would be a lot of masculine women with facial hair there, claiming he had thought it was going to be a LOGGERS convention. (What a kidder!) He also said what an important group it was to play for and how much he respects strong women. Talked about his mom and his three daughters. Then, he said he has been married for twenty years. After everyone cheered for that he said "I didn't say that I don't cheat." Then he quickly added that he was just kidding as to not put any evil ideas into the heads of those shameless mommy-blogger hussies (hahahaha)
Then he talked about what a difference people, like bloggers, can make. His pet project is rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina and he shared how he has been involved in a housing project for musicians there. Then, with him on piano accompanied by two horn players and a drummer played several songs including "When The Saints Come Marching In" for his home team. They sounded great! Afterwards it was announced that we could "very quickly" go through the line for pictures, which I did. When they said very quickly they weren't joking! They made group pics with like 12 women at a time. I did quickly introduce myself to him though and he was very nice.
That was really great of him to come in for it, and really SMART to play somewhere where 500 women are going to tweet and blog about you!!
I checked in and then and crashed some kind of potato cookoff. It was very fun to be around and get to meet a few other bloggers, and chat with some that I already knew.
Then I came back to my room, all cozy and ready for sleep in this beautiful hotel when I heard a man outside my door yell "call the f-ing cops, call the f-ing cops" and knock into my door! I called the front desk who sent security, but apparantly it was just some drunks in a fight or something. It was over quickly, but my overactive imagination had me invisioning snipers in the hallways or something. Ugh!
Once that passed I got a good night's sleep. And though I wish I had gotten a ticket and was out mingling with the other women right now, and I miss my boys (in spite of the promised pic I was sent), I am thoroughly enjoying a cup of coffee here in the room by myself and the chance to write a full blog post uninterrupted ... ah, bliss!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bots for Tots

We were quite excited to get a package the other day from my old playgroup friend/songstress and now children's clothing guru, Mackenzie Fairhead. She has created a line of clothing called Cal&Bram (named for her little cuties) "Where Petal Meets Metal". The tee-shirt she sent for Little Man to test out came in cute packaging, wrapped in plastic like a gift basket with a darling gift tag on it.

I loved the "operating instructions" for how to care for it.

It was an adorable 100% cotton, long sleeved shirt with the cutest hand-made felt applique robot lovingly attached. My l'il guy LOVED it. Bots are cool, y'all.
In case my fuzzy blackberry photos don't compute, go check out the site and get your kiddo their very own fabulous robotic wear! Visit