Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day to you ....

Happy earth day! So good to remember your mother and keep her beautiful!
Today we didn't really do anything special to observe (except for getting out in the fresh air and taking a nice family walk) but last weekend was the earth day festival in Nashville at Centennial Park and we spent the day there. Little Man enjoyed seeing dancers from different cultures, talking to local "farmers", getting a tree to plant and making a bird feeder. It was great to get to take a moment and get to talk about the importance of this blue dot we call home.
Maybe after dinner we will go out in the yard and pick up trash for our planet and feed the birds ... every little bit helps!
Happy earth day to you!


blueviolet said...

You're right in that we all need to do our part. Happy Earth Day!

yonca said...

Earth Day is a great reminder of this grand creation that God gave us.That's true! Every little thing helps.Lol, I didn't need to remind my son to turn off the light in bathroom after he washed his hands this morning :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow-you are the very model of a modern mommy blogger.
What a beautiful site! Great to meet you yesterday.
- Spectrum Mom

Elle said...

You've received the honest scrap award. Stop by my blog to claim.

Molly said...

sounds like an awesome day.....we talked to our kids about water, how some people don't have it, and if they do, it's dirty. Never too early to start learning!

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