Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard pore corn

Ok, I am lifting this title from my dad's old album "Hard Pore Cornography"! Not an appropriate title for a post about a trip with kids to the pumpkin patch you might say? Hey, (or "hay!"), there is nothing wrong with a little corn!
This post is all about "corniness". Yesterday, I did indeed get Little Man to accompany me to the farm. Keller's Corny Country to be exact. (
One of the perks of Tennessee livin', some gorgeous farms for bumpkin' pumpkin patch trips in the fall. This is the kind of Hee-Haw stereotype that when I was a little younger I might have shied from. But now, I love it! So cute and fun. It was a gorgeous day for it, too. Crisp, but not at all cold, and sunny.
Here is Little Man in a corn pit---a little slide goes into a pit of corn kernels that the kids could scoop into toy tractors, buckets, etc.

Okay, this is fun in the country for sure. A monster slide made from piping.

Little man got to sit on a real tractor

And get his picture taken on a fake one.

His favorite activity was going on a hay ride with friends.

There was also a petting zoo where we petted a burro, a llama, a goat and then promptly purelled our hands. There was also a little corn field maze and a bigger one too that we did not feel like carrying tired kids through, or getting lost in! Another highlight was the "little nibblets barrel train". There were barrels cut into little train cars pulled around a pond by a four wheeler! We sat up front and got a nice whiff of the exhaust fumes, but it was still fun! A great way to spend an autumn afternoon.

Awww, and I just found out that I got a "Cool Site of the Day" award from Michele at Finding Trinity. Thanks, babe! I am honored and glad to know you agree that corny can sometimes be cool ;)


blueviolet said...

I can imagine how much fun the kids must have in that corn pit! What a terrific day!

mudmama said...

They had a blast :)

G-Zell said...

I am already a follower of your blog. Did you song come out already?

mudmama said...

Oh, thanks! The book and CD came out this month.

elabri said...

Thanks for commenting! It looks like your almost to 100! Great Blog. I am following. :)

JoeyRes said...

You're getting really close to 100 followers! Congrats & thanks for following my blog!

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