Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Halloween Store is out to lunch

Ah, one week from Halloween! We like to be festive for it around here. Last year, Little Man cast the whole family. Himself as the Cowardly Lion, me as Dorothy, Dad as the Scarecrow and Grandbobby as the Tin Man. We had a bigtime trick-or-treating in a local neighborhood that really gets into the spirit, as you can tell from the stilted skeleton man in the pic with us ...scary!

This year Little Man has again cast us all as Peter Pan characters. So far I only have his costume. I had better get busy or let him know that it is okay for him to be Peter Pan and let mommy dress as something really exotic like ... a mommy!

And, I wouldn't be properly documenting our lives if I didn't make mention of Little Man and his Daddy's favorite game to play together, "Halloween store". At different times of the year it turns into different kind of stores, but this one is the fave. It basically consists of Little Man saying "ring ring" and Jim answering the pretend phone in a funny, kind of New York accented voice, "Boo! Little Man's (insert name here) Halloween store" while Little Man reminds him to say, "can I help you", "what's your name" and "what do you want to be for Halloween?" as Jim (posing as "Harry") calls "Joe" in the back to see what costumes are available as the boy giggles, thouroughly amused.
Jim had to go out of town on business this morning. Little Man, after saying he missed his dad, sulkily proclaimed "My Halloween store is closed!" (Adding, "that's why I don't have my nametag on")
I will save that game for him and his Daddy and maybe, while he has some time off from "work" he can accompany his Mama to a pumpkin patch!


Amo said...

That is cute. I love the picture of all of you! My sister and i used to play trick-or-treat with our grandaddy all year round. We would knock on the laundry room door and say "Trick or Treat" and he would fill our bags with apples or a can of 7-up. Whatever was lying around the house. Then, we would dump it all out and start over. We used to play this in July!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

OK that picture is awesome!!! How fun!

mudmama said...

Amo- that is too cute! LOve it!

Hey Jamie! The neighborhood I was talking about is the Richland district- super fun! (Telling you because you are a home girl!)

blueviolet said...

I love how you all coordinate your costumes! So cute!!! I hope you post the Peter Pan bunch of ya from this year too.

PS. I got your comment but I don't see where I'm listed. =:0

mudmama said...

Hi BV! You are under the 'and the award goes to post" If you didn't see it, sometimes blogger seems to go nuts and post old drafts!

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