Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the award goes to ...

Ok, I am a bit of a spaz and I know it. Plus, I have been a little preoccupied with my book/CD release. (We interrupt this broadcast for a commercial break, A Journey to the Son, the book and CD, are now available at www.ajourneytotheson.com. We will now return to our normally scheduled programming) Anywho, I have gotten a bit behind on some bloggy business. I have come into contact with some great mommy bloggers out there. Several bestowed me the honor of blog awards in the past few weeks and I am just now getting around to them. My fabulous blog designer, Thais over at olivinadesignhouse, has been so kind as to help me put the actual awards on the sidebar. (I know how to find my way around facebook and writing a blog and that is about it!)

Here they are ...

Nancy at ifevolutionworks, a blog I really enjoy, gave me a "Great Sunday Reading" award.

A woman after my own heart, she basically said there are no rules, if you want to pass this along, great, if not, great. (I will get around to paying it forward eventually, but... maybe not right now!) She gave the award along with these kind words about the blog.

"Mud Mama: I enjoy Lauren’s style of writing, that her posts aren’t too long for my very brief attention span.. I love the refreshing look of her blog. I love her talent."

So sweet! I love your blog as well! Muah!

Lovely blogger Tami at http://www.heartsmakefamilies.com/ and also the tres chic onechicmommy, Alicia, honored me with One Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you so much! Here are the rules for this one. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award. (I will eventually get around to that, too!)AND I am going to do somewhere between 15 and 30, since I got the award twice :)
Sorry if I am accidentally leaving anyone out. Take this award if ya wanna, or if you can't get around to it that is fine, too. Some lovely bloggers IMHO are (please play the Miss America theme song now! Or Miss Canada as the case may be) ...

1)Xenia, Thanks Mail Carrier
2)Jamie, BlondeMomBlog
3)Amanda, Brilliant Sulk
4)Thais, Love and Olive
5)Michele, Finding Trinity
7)Nancy, Ifevolutionworks
8)Lesia A. Hammett
10)Carrie-in-TN, Bilingual in the Boonies
11)Amo, Where a Woman Shakes Her Tablecloth
12)Areeba, All That and a Box of Rocks
13)Pilarina's Workshop
14)Brown eyes sweetheart
16) Aham Prema
17) fabulousillustrator
18) The writers block
19) Yonca's Cooking
20) toothwhale
21) Blue Violet
22) Milk Breath and Margaritas

Virtual roses and tieras to you all!


yonca said...

Congrats on your awards. Your blog looks great!

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Thanks for the blog love! Oh and I am ALWAYS a spaz lately it seems.

Amo said...

Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it! I love your blog, as well!

yonca said...

Oh, thank you so much for passing this beautiful award on to me. I really appreciate it:) HUGS!!!

Michele said...

Congrats on your awards. You deserve them.
And thank you so much for including me in your list.
You are so amazing!!!

I "heart" you.

Michele said...

Oh, and you're my "cool site of the day" ...

Brigid said...

Thanks so much for including me! I am wearing my virtual tiara today. It goes nicely with my pajamas on this rainy day.

Amanda said...

Thanks very much!!

I too have been a bit behind in catching up on blog stuff. Darn kids and my search to find a bra that fits perfectly. Hey, it takes awhile.

AhamPrema said...

Congrats on your book signing! And thanks for the mention in your awards! I am honored :)

Love and Blessings

Rebecca at Toothwhale said...

Thank you very much for including me in your One Lovely Blog Award list!

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