Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oooooo, Doggie!

This past weekend, after being canine-less for about 4 years, we adopted a rescue dog.We figured that every boy (and girl) needs a dog and this girl needed a family. I THINK she is around a year old and appears to be an English Pointer mix. (hopefully the doggie DNA test I bought will shed some light on that :) ) We are still trying to get her and the cats acclimated and properly potty train her and name her. The name the rescue folks gave her was Gracie, but that is Little Man's cousin's name and we may want to give her a name ourselves. Contenders are Daisy, Lucy or Lulabelle. Open to any input/suggestions! My life just got a little busier, but she is a sweetheart.


blueviolet said...

She's a sweet girl, and I know you'll all enjoy her so much!

Nancy@ifevolutionworks said...

Adorable!! I am partial to Daisy (as that is our dog's little back yard girlfriend)

Enjoy your newest family memember!

Clueless_Mama said...

I am so excited for you that you have a new family member. She looks like a great little lady. I am sure you will both be lucky to have each other. How are she and the cats doing? Don't worry, they will come around. If my cats accepted our bunny as one of their own, yours will get used to the new pup too. Way to go on adopting! How about Lady as a name? I like Daisy too.

mudmama said...

The name ended up being Daisy Lullabelle (Daisy Lu for short) Thanks guys! :)

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