Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve

Had a blast with Jacie on our Halloween Kids Rock Nashville show Thursday with our special guest singer/songwriter Aaron Raitiere (in photo). We also premiered "Jeep on the Street", "Jeep" is my nickname from childhood/now radio-name, trying to stay Forever Young-baby! Jeep on the Street is a series of interviews with kids and this week's question was "why do we celebrate Halloween" and their answers were cute! To hear a recording of the show go to and follow prompts to the Halloween show!

Got kiddos costume finally yesterday, he is officially going to be Harry Potter (he is all about "magic" now and we are in the middle of reading the second HP book). The Daddy will be understated in Elvis sideburns only and I believe I will be rockin' a classic witches hat ;) I was also considering getting a t-shirt and writing "Muggle" or "Mudblood" on it to go along with the Harry Potter theme, but---maybe not. Today we are making jack-o-lantern rice crispy treats for his school party tomorrow. Will post pics later (if they come out good!)

Happy Halloween!

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