Friday, September 9, 2011

Catch up and mustard

Forgive me, for it has been a month since my last post. Bad mommy! Just busy--lots o' life goin' on---mostly good!

The only way I can possibly tie in my silly pun title for this post is to tell you that we recently went to an event here in Nashville that was serving hot dogs from a place I love the name of..."I Dream of Weannie" LOVE it! I got a veggie dog of course (being a sudo-vegetarian)

Little Man has had a GREAT first month of school- thank you thank you thank you and knock on wood. Kindergarten was a big adjustment for learning how to sit still etc. I think he has really gotten the hang of this following the rules thing--and he LOVES to learn! He wakes up and says things like "I love school!" That thrills me. He brought home his first spelling test and got 100% on it! His handwriting is really coming along too which is a big deal since we have been working hard on fine motor skills. One happy Mama. On a homework assignment this week he was supposed to illustrate good, better and best. For good he drew school, better/home and best Disney World! Love that kid!!!!

We are waiting to hear about another potential adoption situation. It is complicated and who knows what will happen--just hoping for the very best for all involved...especially the child. The agency we were with doesn't really seem to be happening for us right now and China which I wanted to do so badly seems to have road blocks now too--just trying to trust if it is meant to be it will be and we will know what drection to go in!

I had a blast last weekend performing the Songwriter Series at the Country Music Hall of Fame with Don Henry. We performed in the same Ford Theater where my dad (songwriter Bobby Braddock) was inducted this Spring and it was so much fun. We did a bunch of our own songs and a couple of daddy's. I am going to try to share a video from that day which kind of ties in with my blog title...Lost Dawg!

After the performance we went with my dad and some friends to see my dad's exhibit and commemorative plaque for the first time since the induction. My sweet boy without prompting kissed his Grandbobby's plaque---so dear! (That is the picture that is at the top of this blog)

Guess that is all for now, later friends!


blueviolet said...

You sure don't stop, do you? You live life!!!

Glad things have been so wonderful for you and the family. :)

Xenia said...

I'm so glad to hear that school is going well, that's always such a great feeling for us mamas!

I hope everything goes well with the adoption situation for everyone involved, I'm looking forward to hearing what happens!

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