Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jumping off the diving board...

Little Man has had a busy, fun summer so far. I am loving taking time to just chill with him as well. Last week he had swim camp and "bug camp" put on by a real-life biology professor at Belmont college. I think what impressed him the most was the live tarantula that was shown off there.
But the big deal last week was swim camp. It is no secret that my kiddo is a wee bit impulsive and pretty fearless, but the water has always scared him. That is why i signed him up for swim camp, to give him a full week to work on it and it has worked.. he is swimming now! He was pretty horrified about the finale of the week...jumping off the diving board to the swim coach. The first day he did nothing but stress out about it. The final day though, in spite of his fears he went for it! Sure the coach was holding his hands from the water and caught him...but then he swam to the wall in the 9 feet all by himself. Then he did it again two more times! He was so proud of himself and I am so proud of him!
So--that brings us to today. A songwriter that I met at the Face The Music event I did a couple of weeks ago asked me if I would participate in a songwriter night tonight. I don't usually accompany myself alone on guitar (like never...I usually like to sing while someone else plays) but I decided to be brave like my little guy and do it even though it is slightly out of my comfort zone. Here is to jumping off the diving board!

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