Sunday, September 26, 2010

A week of smileys--minus one tooth!

Celebrating my 12 year wedding anni this weekend and the fact that our little guy kept his smiley faces in kindergarten ALL WEEK LONG. A VERY big deal and the best anniversary gift I could have asked for for the weekend! AND he lost his first tooth this week!
The school secretary has worked there for 25 years and has pulled 9000 teeth! It is rumored that she may be the real tooth fairy! She "tested" his tooth Wednesday to see how loose it was and voila! It was out in a flash. She sent him home with the tooth in a little plastic treasure chest. The stuff magic childhood memories are made of.

4 comments: said...

Perfect anniversary gift! Happy 12th to you!

Steven said...

Very cute. You will love this FREE Tooth Fairy keepsake:

Enjoy :)

yonca said...

What a wonderful anniversary gift!I love how cute they look with a lose tooth:) Happy 12th to you both!

Anonymous said...

how sweet!

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