Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids Rock Nashville!

Psyched to be co-hosting and guesting on the groovy radio show Kids Rock Nashville 107.1 live from Music City 3:00-5:00 tomorrow, Thursday, September 30th. Please give a listen if ya can. I will try to post it here later, too! Thanks to DJ Jacie for having me on-I think it will be a hoot. She is going to tell a little about my parenting memoir and play a few songs from the accompanying album and we will talk mom stuff including dental health tips for kiddos. (And ya know the missing tooth story of last week will be blurted out for sure)Looking forward to it.
And in the words of my little boy who loves all things having to do with radios/microphones or walkie-talkies ... "Over"!

3 comments: said...

Good luck with it! Sounds very fun!

blueviolet said...

Well crap! It's nearly 9pm and I missed it, although I doubt I get any Nashville stations here.

ModernMom said...

How cool is that! Hope you had a fab time:)

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