Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck o' the irish to yooooooOUCH!

Little Man had his five year check-up today. He pinched the doc for not wearing green. The doc responded by ordering four shots! ;)

He now has his papers for kindergarten registration. Sob, sob. The Dr also gave him the go- ahead to get a booster seat (even though he is only 36 lbs.) which he was excited about.
My little boy is growing up!


yonca said...

So cute! Time does fly. I can't believe my son will turn 8 in June!

Michele said...

That's classic that he pinched the doctor!!
Cracked me right up.

((hugs)) to you

otin said...

You are gonna cry when the first day of school gets here!

I listened to the Mudmama song for the first time. I liked it. Very Cool!

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