Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have you ever felt all boxed in??

We have been in the new house, oh, about 10 days now and there are still quite a few unpacked boxes. I never realized how much c-r-a-p I have! I am not complaining though--thankful to have new digs close to everything. It's just that I unpack and unpack and there is still more to unpack! We are getting there though.
We did paint below our chair rail aubergine last week(to cover up the old dijon mustard color) so that was fun. Little Man has been in our bed since we have been here though. His room is upstairs (we are down) and the stairs are hardwood and we are afraid of him slipping in the middle of the night until we get a runner installed. (And Home Depot gave us the runner-runnaround, said they could install then found out that was misinformation, ugh!) Also in this charming but quirky older house the handrail only goes half way up the stairs. Sooo, until all of that is taken care of for safety, we have a kicking boy inbetween us! I am concerned that this habit will be hard to break, so we will probably make other arrangements SOON.
Besides for all that it is a beautiful spring day here and we had the day off so I took Little Man to the zoo where we had a big fun (read tiring!)day.
I know today's post isn't very exciting, but it's all I got! ;) Quantity, not quality, folks! (Something like that!)
Off now for Trader Joe's sushi! (The five-year-old's request and another perk of moving, being a half a mile from Trader Joe's. Woo-hoo!!)


mudmama said...

update: love Trader Joe's, but was a bit dissapointed in the sushi

JoeyRes said...

The worst was when we moved from our townhouse to a temporary apartment. There was literally no room to put the boxes. Moving from the apartment to the house was much easier.

Hope you get all unpacked soon and get rid of your box maze!

yonca said...

Congrats on your new house!Packing and moving was the hard part.Unpacking is much easier. Isn't it? I'm so glad spring is finally here;)
Have a great day Lauren! xoxo

Molly said...

we went to the zoo today! I think bedtime will be easy tonight, with all the walking we did!

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