Monday, January 18, 2010


Since there is no school today I am searching the web to find ways to educate my little boy about Martin Luther King, Jr on Martin Luther King day. I may do a craft of paper dolls (once I am finished blogging, haha). Here is a link I found about MLK activities for kids.

I also wanted to share a link, for adults, of my "brother",cowriter/producer, Don Henry, doing his amazing song, Beautiful Fool, about Martin Luther King at the Bluebird in Nashville.


Amy said...

thanks for sharing have a great day..

Helene said...

Thanks for sharing the links! My kids have been asking questions here and there about it and I feel ashamed that I don't remember much so I had to look on the internet!

yonca said...

Thanks for the links! Btw, i love your header ;)
What a cute pic!

Amo said...

I want to find ways to educate my son about all the different holidays and different religions, too. Thanks for sharing that link!

And, by the way, I loved the Headbanger's Ball! Friday nights on MTV!

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