Thursday, December 3, 2009

This takes the cake!

December is an exciting month for Little Man. Birthday AND Christmas. Mommy is in the mad midst of birthday party planning for the big event December 11. Since his literal birth day was so traumatic (as I write about in the chapter December 11 in A Journey to the Son, I try extra hard to drive the ol' demons away and make that date just about FUN times now! And, we have had some very fun bdays (I must say I love a party). He has said for months that he wants a "fireman" birthday party, so that is what the prince is getting! Not being a huge baker, I usually buy a cake from Publix, our grocery's deli that makes awesome cakes. But this year I checked it out and they did not have any fireman/truck cakes that seemed very exciting. Sooo, I am going to be brave this year and make it myself.
Online I found a super cool firetruck cake with oreo cookies for wheels and gum drops for the lights. I am very excited (i.e terrified) to attempt this confectionary craft, but I am going to do it anyway. And how cool is it you can find a video online with step by step instructions! Will keep you posted on whether this is a smokin' success or if I get too burnt out and just order cupcakes instead!


Michele said...

The cake looks incredible!! You'll have to let us know for sure how it turns out. My friend does these kinds of cakes, and her work is brilliant, but it took some practice.
I'm sure no matter how it turns out your son will eat it just the same, and will always remember that mommy made him a firetruck for his birthday!!!! Forgo the cupcakes, no matter how the cake looks. ;)

You're awesome! And being rather "posty" as well. Your comment on my blog made me giggle all day. Been dying to use the word "posty" right back at ya!!!
We rock.
And yes, please come visit for bailey's anytime. And if I ever get a chance, I'm taking you up on the Tequila and Tornado offer!!! LOVE IT! ;)

blueviolet said...

You can do this! It's going to turn out great and he'll never forget it!

mudmama said...

Thanks for the support guys! Will letcha know how it goes!

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