Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rebel Without a Claus

It is Santa phobia I am referring to that my pint-sized neurotic has. Actually, I don't think that it is that unusual. gives a name to Santa phobia. Shockingly they call it ... "Santaphobia". And it seems like I saw a little coffee table book once called "Scared of Santa" filled with countless pictures of kids all bawling and "skwalin'"(as my buddy Shane would say) on Santa's lap. has a mall Santa giving a video tutorial telling would-be Santa's how to deal with frightened kids. His big advice was "Tell them 'See, Mommy likes Santa', and then she will usually touch your hand or something to make the child feel better" Ha. I'm not so sure he if is not just trying to get a cheap thrill from the mommies. ;)
Anyway, anytime we try to go anywhere NEAR the mall Little Man throws a fit! "NO MALL!!! I don't want to see Santa Claus!!!" And keeps it up incessantly until we swear we aren't going anywhere near the platinum bearded, red-velvet clad gift-giving monster.
Today, needing a new bedspread, we managed to drag him into Macy's after we swore it was on the OUTSIDE of the mall and we wouldn't go all of the way in. I can't express how much cajoling this took. He admitted after seeing The Polar Express last night that he does indeed like for Santa to bring him presents. He just doesn't want to lay eyes on the fat bastard! (Just having a little fun, folks--Santa-baby, please don't put me on your naughty list!)
We also managed to get Little Man to participate in writing a letter to Santa at Macy's. For each letter they receive they give a dollar to the Make-A-Wish foundation which is a great thing. Hopefully writing this letter to Santa was a baby step in getting past Santaphobia!


Theta Mom said...

Never knew there was an actual label, "Santa Phobia!" lol Yes, hopefully the letter did the trick!

JoeyRes said...

I'm not that opposed to Santaphobia. You spend your whole parenting career telling a kid not to speak to strangers, yet you'll force said kid on a quite strange looking stranger because he's okay. Meanwhile it's still a guy that no one knows in a suit. Could be my inner paranoia, but it was okay with me when my daughter was afraid. Of course now she'd mob the big guy, the Easter bunny or any Disney character so I've failed in passing on my fears!

mudmama said...

Thanks, Theta Mom!
Joey, I am with you! I should be happy because usually the boy has NO stranger anxiety, so it should be a good thing. Good point!

The Penny-Pinching Mama said...

OMG I laughed so hard at your comment on Cowgirl Chocolates I just had to mosey on over here and follow your blog! :)

My little one was not afraid of Santa...(this was her first year). She's a little socialite!

Amo said...

Santa phobia! I can totally understand that. I'd be afraid of sitting on a strange man's lap, too. Unless he was Patrick Dempsey. Then I wouldn't mind so much.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Santaphobia. I'm a social worker (not practicing these days) and I've never heard of it. Interesting. I think my kid had it last year, but this year she kinda' likes the old guy!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Santaphobia- Didn't know the name for it but one of my kids had it.

Betsy Thorpe said...

Lauren, my friend Jerry in Jacksonville just emailed me this "punny" little play on words.

A man went to his psychiatrist and said,"What's wrong with me? I'm afraid of Santa!"

The psychiatrist looked at the man and said, "You must be Claustrophobic!"

mudmama said...

Love it, Betsy-that is perfect!

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