Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soccer to me!

I yam a soccer mom, I yam! I do so like soccer, Sam I am! :)
Little man had his first soccer practice yesterday and he did good! Yeah, there were a couple of moments of running the wrong direction and chatting up a little girl like you see in the picture, but he did great!
So cute to watch all those little peanuts out there! "DH" was psyched too because it reminded him of his soccer days as a lad.
Now, I just have to stop using the words "costume" and "rehearsal" for uniform and practice!


Anonymous said...

Yea! Glad he had fun!

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

thanks for visiting my blog today. Your blog is gorgeous! Your header is beautiful... and i cant wait till im a soccer mom too!! (my son is only 2 1/2 right now)

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