Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puppy Training

We saw a new pediatrician yesterday. Little man, ever the character, ran away from me in the waiting room to go to the reception desk to say "excuuuuuuse me, ladies, can you put on Toy Story please" I drug him away. When we went back and the doctor came in, little man extended his hand and said "Nice to meet you, doctor" and "thank you, doctor" after he tested his reflexes. (He LIKES doctors!) He surprised the doctor by reading his nametag, then he proceeded to try to open every cabinet in the man's office and open and run out the door.
The pediatrician was discussing boys versus girls development. He shared how he had been given a book on raising boys, written in 1905, and reprinted. It said that little girls would be more like little mothers, but little boys would more closely resemble the family dog. Hmm, I kind of get that comparison. Come, sit, STAY!!!


Michelle said...

oohhh, that's funny and so true,..I mean that endearingly ofcourse! My son is so much different than my daughter was at his age. And yes, he has peed on the floor on several occassions just like the family dog!

Elizabeth said...

I love it!! Anyone that has a little man know exactly what you're talking about! said...

Which would make my son a Shih-tzu. Had to laugh present my son ia laying on the floor next to the dog. My son is holding one of the dog's stuffed toys and the dog is muching on my son's shoe.

mudmama said...

Michelle, that is too funny. (I have to admit mine has too- where are the newspapers when we need 'em?)
Thanks Elizabeth, glad u can relate!
Nancy- that is very funny that you son was currently hanging with his pack ;)
That is an interesting thought too- what breed would they be? Mine would have big ol' paws, jump up constantly, pull his leash and chew everything in site!

Amo said...

That is hilarious!!! And so true. My son is one year old and keeps me running after him constantly! I don't have a daughter, but my niece was nothing like him. She behaved and listened and was quiet. My son screams at the top of his lungs just for kicks.
Obviously, we don't take him to restaurants much anymore. The other patrons don't appreciate the noise. Ha Ha!

Theta Mom said...

That is too funny! My son and your son would get along just great, those wild little boys!!!

Julie said...

Cute! I have a son 18 and one 4 months (ya there is a gap) I know from past experience somewhat of what is to come... I shall enjoy it... (I keep telling myself this).

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