Friday, August 14, 2009

The Office

Ah, turn about is fair play I suppose.

About ten years ago, when my sis-in-law Allison was a new mom with a toddler, Jim and I would play with precious nephew Michael when they would visit our apt. in New York City from London. I was going through a phase of saying "what-EVER" (adolecent style) while making a big W on my forehead with both hands. Mikey picked up on this and would repeat it in his precious little British accent. Ali was not pleased that her darling tot had learned a phrase that carried some 'tude with it.

Flash-forward to when we were at the Jersey Shore shore in the summer and all of the cousins were playing together. Ali told Michael and his little sister to teach our boy the "w" word as payback.

The other day, we were at home and I asked Little Man a question. He got an impish look on his face, said "whatever" and put his hands on his hips and pranced across the room to the coffee table. He repeats this action about ten times, each time after saying "whatever" putting his hands on hips and strutting back to the coffee table.

After we quit laughing he pointed to the coffee table and said "that's my office ... my WHATEVER office!

Serious monkey business going on there for sure!


TwentySomethingMomma said...

Just wandered in from the MBC!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Ticker - fun blog - great to see you here!

Michelle said...

Too cute,...things have a way of always coming back! Found you over at MBC! Following you now!

mudmama said...

Thanks twentysomething---just went to your site and couldn't find your follow button, will try again later.

Ellen! Thanks for stopping by!

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