Sunday, August 23, 2009

Half-Pint Head Hunter

Driving along yesterday I mentioned that my Dear girlfriend, Leslie, was on her way over to help me send out packages containing advance readers/listeners copies of my book/CD. She is a music row pro with awesome ideas, organization, energy and enthusiasm. I am lucky to have her helping me part-time while looking for another full-time music row gig.

"Aunt Leslie looking for job? I help her ... alright, alright ..."
he says from his carseat as he pretends to take out a notepad and pen and take notes.

"Maybe she wear a nametag ... I know, she can work at (the grocery store)PUBLIXXX!!" (He said like he had just handed out a prize to her)

"Well, Publix is a great place, but Leslie is an executive, she works in an office."

"I know .... (she can work in) a post-OFFICE!"

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