Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#1 Son

Last week we went to my dad's #1 party at BMI for the song, People Are Crazy, by Billy Currington, (that he co-wrote with Troy Jones) with Little Man in tow. This was a bit brave of us to attempt as he is verrrry active and verrry curious. "Grandbobby" told him if he was a good boy at the event he would give him a surprise. Well, he did want to keep running off to check out the news cameras, etc., so DH and I tag teamed chasing him so he wouldn't get lost. But, he kept his word during the presentation and was pretty quiet and wide eyed.
We were so proud of my dad and all of the accolades he was getting from his peers in the music industry. When it was Daddy's turn to speak, he said on the microphone in front of the large group of people there "I would like to thank my four year old grandson, (insert little man's first middle and last name here), for being such a good boy. "He say my name, he say my name!" That was the best surprise he could have gotten ... even better than chocolate!

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Molly said...

that's great, shows what a great relationship he has with your Dad.

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