Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prince and The New Revolution (or, Standing Up For Potty Power)

A gentle warning: I am rating this post PG13. My Nana, God bless her, would not have liked it at all, for it's lack of ladylikeness. But, alas, I feel compelled to share my new discovery.

The other night I had a much needed mommy's night out. I went and danced my heart out to a Nashville band of awesome musician friends, the Long Players, who do kickin' versions of classic albums front-to-back. The album on deck was Prince's "Purple Rain," whisking me and my girlfriends back to our high school glory days in the 80's. This was the album that prompted Tipper Gore to start The Parents Music Resource Center, or PMRC, a committee that sought to have ratings put on recorded music. But, the more risque the lyrics, the more we teen girls loved the songs. Surprisingly, me posting the words to "Darling Nikki" is not the reason for the self-imposed rating.

The reason for the rating is this. The club was packed. As I stood in line for the bathroom with a bunch of women who all really needed to go, an interesting subject came up. A new invention called the "shenis". Yup, rhymes with the clinical name for the male anatomy. The idea is to use this funnel type device to enable a woman to stand up and go to the bathroom almost anywhere, just like a man. Everyone was laughing about it. The idea is intriguing and of course, I had to go look up the website. It turns out that it is an obscene looking 12 inch gold number, and there is video of women actually using it to pee off of boats, etc., just like one of the guys. I apologize to anyone who may be mortified. However, the ridiculousness of this concept appeals to the adolecent side to my sense of humor and I just had to share. I don't plan to actually use one, but I do think it is a real pisser!


Anonymous said...

12 inches and gold? Heck, maybe I'll get one, too!

Allison said...

A shenis! Here in the UK we have a similar device, with a slightly more elegant name, the shewee. It is not gold either, but a simple plastic device. It is very popular at music festivals, where the dug out latrines are not very attractive to sit down upon. And yes, Purple Rain remains an album to boogie to. Wish I had been there with you on the dance floor.
Allison H

mudmama said...

I wish you had been there too, gorgeous purple sis-in-law! Yes, "shewee" does sound a bit more elegant! ;)

LT Cook said...

"shenis"... yeah yeah...
REAL women can do it standing up, anyways.
Take it from a camper! Me! :)
OK so i might consider a "shenis" except for the fact that I still gotta WIPE, ya know???? guys are good wid "shakin' it off" but i GOTTA wipe. yep. wiping is always good. take that from a camper, too :)

mudmama said...

LT Cook sounds like a happy camper!

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