Sunday, July 26, 2009

The day she lobster credibility

Sometimes ya just feel like a big fat hypocrite. As a "mud mama" I am a semi-vegetarian. Have been since I was 12. At 23, living in LA and receiving PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) literature, I had a dream that I was eating what I thought was chicken and it was roast cat. At that point I worked my way down the food chain to fish and dairy and have been stuck there ever since. A "beady eyed" vegetarian (who only eat things with beady eyes, as opposed to doe-eyed bovines).

Sweet Pea, who doesn't miss much, caught wind that mommy doesn't eat animals. I don't think I ever actually said this to him, but he knows I don't eat chicken, etc. One night, Jim and I decided to go to Red Lobster, and being there, yes, I got ... lobster. He looked at my plate, pointed to the creature and it's beady eyes and said, "That an animal, mommy?" Or, as my friend Don remarked, in essence he was saying "You full of crap, mommy?" Sigh!

(PS) I think I mentioned that I come by punning naturally. For this title I am borrowing my dad and former step-moms pun from the 1980's released Pinkard and Bowden song, I Lobster And Never Flounder. If you are hungry for more fish puns, visit hereYouTube - Pinkard & Bowden - I Lobster And Never Flounder or here The Fish Song


Xenia said...

I love the "That an animal, Mommy?" comment, that's so cute! I've been a vegetarian my whole life (my hippie mother brought me up that way) and even though I don't think my almost-3-year-old daughter realizes it, she doesn't like eating meat either. In the genes? :)

p.s. Following you from MBC!

mudmama said...

Thanks Xenia! Fun to hear from another "veggie"
Has your little girl ever had meat? Coming to check your blog now!

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