Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mom says OM

The kind of a thing that can drive a "young" mom to drink, or, to start chain smoking after not inhaling since right after college (okay, so in this instance, I am GLAD to admit that that was a long arse time ago) Last night at bedtime, DH and I both in bed with little man, me poised for another bedtime storytime reading of Llama Llama Red Pajama when DH says "what is that"? pointing behind our little boy's right ear. We see a big lump on the bone right behind his ear. With another one under it. "It's okay honey, I just want to look at it" I say as he giggles and squirms from my exploring hands. My heart sank as I tried to go through the motions of finishing the book, not freaking out, and putting him to bed. Downstairs, after bed, I quickly googled and saw some reassurances. Then my friend/aunt the pediatric nurse assured me that they get calls about that all of the time, that it is very common. Probably a lymph node doing it's job because of some kind of assalt. (Likely from his first tick bite on his head last week) I took him in anyway and the pediatrician concurred that that was probably all it was. To say thank goodness is definitely an understatement.

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