Saturday, June 20, 2009

labor of love

This was a productive week. I was in the studio with the inventive Don Henry, putting overdubs on the song "Mud Mama". . . you can tell by the pic I took from my blackberry, it was a VERY serious session! We will mix this song on Tuesday, then we only have two more songs to go and then this "baby" will be DONE!!!! Don is so uber-talented all the way around, it is quite the experience to see/hear him at work. Hope you all can hear the super cool "bullfrog" vocals and percussions he put on that song! (A song named Mud Mama has gotta have a swampy vibe afterall, dontchaknow?!)
I also finally met my wonderful editor, Lianna, in person yesterday while she was in town. From the countless emails and female bonding I completely felt like I knew her already and we had a great visit, talking literature and life! (Disclaimer, this post has not been edited by her, if it were, it would be flawless!)
And, my new publisher, Two Harbors, has been truly jamming to get my galleys together. The new release date, Oct. 1. It has been a long labor of love (over four years!), but, boil the water and tear the sheets 'cause this baby is a 'comin'!


MelanyTN said...

Wow! Very cool! I'm glad your new publisher is working out so well. Just read back a few posts... funny the comment about the kiss. Give me a break. I LOVE the pic. And the kiss.

mudmama said...

Thanks, Mel! :)

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