Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reunited and it feels so Good!

Today we went to a family holiday brunch for Sony Tree Publishing. My dad got a longevity award today for writing with them for 45 years, congratz Grandbobby! It is always a super nice event complete with balloon animals, a photo booth and Santa Claus. Now the Santa Claus element was a minus for us for a while as Little Man was terrified! When he was a little baby, before he knew better (his first and second Christmas) we have pictures of him with Santa. His third Christmas he was starting to get apprehensive and wouldn't sit on his lap but held onto the sleigh instead. BUT the past three years we haven't been able to get him anywhere near the big guy in red! Even a trip to the mall would be met with major anxiety about a chance encounter with Old St. Nick. We would have to beg and promise we wouldn't go anywhere near where he'd be!
So, today at the brunch I was totally taken by surprise when he suddenly decided to go hop on Santa's lap, happy as can be! When Santa asked today what he wanted for Christmas he said "I don't want to tell you because I am a little afraid of you". But then, he did break down and tell him "legos!" Then he asked "are you the real Santa?!" To which, shockingly, Santa was able to provide him with some identification! (He later asked me if it was a fake ID-hahaha!)
I commended him on his bravery today. What a lovely Christmas reunion!

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