Monday, November 21, 2011

Santa's Magic Dust and the Reindeer Farm

Jacie, the founder of the radio show I am now co-hosting, and I interviewed Jill Swenson from Santa's Reindeer Tour on the Kids Rock Nashville show last week. She told us all about the reindeer they have at Strickland Farms in White House, TN 30 minutes from downtown Nashville. When I told Little Man about it he asked if reindeer really fly and then said "wait a minute, bats are the only mammals who can fly!" Then chalked it up to Santa's magic powers being able to make the non-flying mammals fly!
This weekend Jacie and I took our kids to meet the reindeer in person. The kids were in awe and got to have their pictures taken with the reindeer. It was a sweet outing for the kids and a great Christmas card photo op!

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