Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! (Cinco de Mayo and field day too!)

I hope this has been a wonderful day for everyone! I woke up to Little Man coming in with a bag of goodies he made for me at school. There was a mom survey...what does she do was one of the questions..."clean"...wha'?! That makes me laugh on a couple of different levels! He was very sweet though and proud of all the little gifties.
It was a busy week at his school. One day I went there with another kindergartener's mom who is a friend of mine and fellow performer, and we combined their two classes and did theater games with them. Wow! It was definitely fun...had them do stretches and warm up their bodies, do mirror exercises and explore different emotions. Forty kindergarteners acting excited, mad, etc. at the same time was, um... loud! They were super-cute though and I was really happy to be able to share this experience with my kiddo! (So he can see me doing something other than cleaning-ha!) I hung out for field day another day (his favorite part was the music teacher in the DJ booth!) and then, on Cinco de Mayo I got to relive my days of waitressing at the Iguana restaurant when I helped hand out chips and salsa to the kids in the cafe while they listened to a Latin trio. What a cool school he goes to! I can't BELIEVE he only has three weeks of kindergarten left! Unbelievable!
Let us all savor these glory days and sneak in a pampering (or two!) for yourselves this week as well!

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