Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stalker Mommy

It's true. I have surpassed the helicopter hovering mom and gone right to the slaker-mom status! This is my little boy's first week in kindergarten (all day, five days a week) in a big school. He is doing pretty good with the transition. Me? Not so well!
True, he is a very impulsive kid and a "runner" so safety has been a big concern. The school has been great to work with me on safety precautions and I am starting to feel a little bit better about it. But still, I can't imagine dropping him off in the drop off line, so I walk him up. I have been there at lunch the past two days to "help" (and make sure that he doesn't escape the cafeteria!) and I come early to make sure that he is close to the first one out so I can nab him. Yesterday, I admit, I drove around the school a couple of times when they were on the playground to make sure that he wasn't running off. Oh yeah, I have an ID tag on him too, like a puppy! He will hopefully stop being as impulsive ... he is way better than he used to be about running off and has actually been following the rules pretty good this week. (Though I do have an all points bullitin alert on him!) And hopefully I will learn to trust more. And we both will grow!


ModernMom said...

Transitions to the "big" school can e so hard. Won't be long before you both feel setteled. I wish you peaceful thoughts.

Together We Save said...

Sending a little one off to school is a scary time. I hope he follows the rules and lets you breath a little easier.

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