Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mayhem and Magic

A day in the life with a 5 year old boy ...
Yesterday Little Man almost gave me a heart attack by undoing his seatbelt while I was driving him on the interstate. He thought it was quite amusing. After me goin' all "crazy mommy" on him (borrowing this term from my friend Susan who used it about herself when her son did the exact same thing) I HOPE he will never do it again. I think I threatened no TV for a week (as it was happening) and going back to his babyseat like forever, haha. All Positive Parenting techniques that I generallly practice went right out the window! After it was all over I apologized to him for raising my voice, but explained that I was scared because it was so dangerous. He wasn't upset at all, but vowed not to do it anymore. Then I think about how we all flopped around the car as kids and kind of have to laugh at myself.
Then today, he made an angelic remark. He was talking to himself in his little imaginary world like he likes to do when playing, and I asked him what he was pretending to be. He said he was a magician, then told me how his tricks were an illusion and not real life. Then he came over to me and said "Real life magic is love!"
So sweet ... so true! I want to write a song with him now based around that line! :)


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

That is the sweetest thing!

I would have gone all "crazy mommy" too! That is pretty freaky!

yonca said...

Oh,I would be scared too.Kids!
Real life magic is love..That melted my heart:)Kids say the sweetest things!

j* said...

Oh my lord, the seatbelt. We've got The Boy still in a five-point booster and it's a good thing because he can undo the buckle at his chest but not the one at this crotch...yet *sigh*.

Sofia said...

My son did the same thing. Problem is he is only 2! Thankfully his uncle was sitting right beside him.
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