Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sex and the City II, spoilers!

Okay, so I wanted to come back to actually write about the movie. I have heard it getting panned some, but, gotta tell you--I thought it was a really good time. Yes, it helped that my buddy Leslie and I were all festive and into it in a sold-out theater with women all festive and into it, who applauded at the end of the film, but I must say that I did enjoy it every bit as much as the first one. They even dealt with the subject of aging (rather than ignoring it). Kim Catrell's character is quite a bit older than the others, and she wanted a little number for her ex-lovers film opening. The salesgirl said "don't you think it's a little young?" to which Samantha snapped "I am 52 and I am going to ROCK this dress!" I loved that. Of course she ended up having the same dress on at her event as Miley Cyrus!
Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a good pun and this movie was chock full of them. The best was when the girls were lounging in a Dubai desert after a camel ride (don't we all have girls outings like this?) and, in a mirage of sorts, a sexy Dutch man in a four wheeler comes riding up and leaves shortly thereafter. Samantha, who has been going through menopause and was not feeling much south of the boarder without her confiscated hormones, is obviously feeling something from this gentleman. She asks who he is and is told that his name is Lawrence to which she retorts "Lawrence of my labia!" Also funny was the "gay wedding" with the glee club singing in which Liza Minelli manifests as the officient("whenever there is this much gay energy in a place she spontaneously appears." I am paraphrasing that, of course) Afterwards Carrie and Big are trying to sleep at the Inn and are caught somewhere between wild sex in one neighboring room(Samantha's) and a crying baby (Charlotte's) in another. Big said he didn't know which was worse to which Carrie responds "Samantha ... the baby will tire eventually". And yes, I loved seeing Aiden again, sigh. (Sorry, dear). Though Big was pretty cute in his silk jammies (Sorry, dear). But, Carrie's walk in closet was about as sexy as any man in the film.
As a mom the scene that was most poingant and really got to me was the scene in which Miranda gets Charlotte to actually admit how HARD motherhood actually is. They had me a little teary and that takes a lot. And they toasted the moms who do it on their own without nannies (unlike them). Soooo, here's to all those hard-working and hard-loving moms and to those SATC chicks, still fabulous, fashionable (except maybe for that one red number with the spikes on it) and totally fun to hang with!


Lori E said...

You know I just never liked that show. My husband watched it more than I did. I haven't seen either movie. I am more interested in seeing Russell Brand's new movie "Get Him to the Greek" or something like that.
I just never thought the relationships between these women were genuine. It is too scripted.
That being said any time you get together with a friend and have a good time is perfect no matter what you are watching.

mudmama said...

Someone just posted a comment that blogger seems to have eaten- so sorry it is missing and hope you will come back to visit!
Thanks for your comment, Lori. I guess it is the kind of thing that you are either into or not. But you are right-the quality time with a friend is what it is all about!

blueviolet said...

I love that they recognize how hard it is to be a mom! I think if one is expecting the 1st movie, they'll be disappointed, but taken as a separate entity, maybe a fan would be pleased, like you! If nothing else, the fashions are fun, right?

Molly said...

I want to see this, but think I might end up waiting for the DVD....that's cool they give props to motherhood and how hard it is, I did see part of the preview where Charoltte's kid smacked her white pants with jelly. hee hee.

natalee said...

My mom loved it!!! I'm going to see it this weekend

ModernMom said...

Oh I did love that they admitted how hard it is to be a Mom! I have to tell you tough, I thought the first Movie was so much better then the second:) Just MHO!

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