Saturday, April 10, 2010

A GOOD adoption story

Well, yesterday I posted about a BAD adoption story (the poor little seven-year-old boy from Russia who got sent back by himself from the US on a plane with a note). Tonight I am feeling uplifted after (finally) seeing the Blind Side and thought I would balance out yesterday's contribution with something positive. Now here is a true and amazing story of Michael Oher who was adopted by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy at sevenTEEN years old, transracially, and (as Hollywood tells it) rocked his way into the major leagues through the power of love (and talent of his own). I would like to believe that that is just the way that it happened!
Here is to all of those special people who make it work!


Nanny Dee said...

Thanks for hopping by through the blog party -- it's nice to "see" you again too.

Looking forward to summer when I'll have more time to catch up on reading blogs and writing a bit!

Can't wait to see Blind Side!

Take Care -- Dee

Michele said...

Great post!!!
I read the story about the Russian boy, and it tore my heart out.
Thanks for posting this one.

yonca said...

After I saw that poor little guy's story on the new, I felt really bad. I believe power of love.
Thanks for sharing Michael Oher's story today!

Show Me Mama said...

Lovely post. I watched the movie and it was breath taking. I literally cried and i truly believe that their are people out there that can change someone life. Thanks for sharing the information. come and visit anytime.

JoeyRes said...

I loved the Blind Side - very worthwhile movie. I couldn't believe that the dad was played by Tim McGraw. I didn't recognize him at all!

natalee said...

I love this story!!!!

Lori E said...

I don't know the details about the little boy. I did see this movie last week and enjoyed it. It is such a great story. Makes me happy there are people like that out there.

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