Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter vacation, Florida roadtrip

Please excuse my lack of posting/checking in. We just got back from West Palm Beach seeing Jim's mom, "Grandee" (and cousins!) for Easter.
On the way there, we gave Little Man an ego-BOOSTER, in the shape of a literal booster seat for big boys that he has been wanting for a long time. I had been holding off since he is not yet 40 lbs., but I found one that is okay for kids 30 lbs. and up, he gave it two thumbs up!
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On the way down we got a taste of a throw back from my childhood ... boiled peanuts from Georgia. Now if that ain't an authentic Southern delicacy, I don't know what is!

Right around the Florida line our hybrid had car trouble. LUCKILY we were 3 miles from an exit that happened to have a motel for the night and a Ford dealership! We left our car there to be fixed the next day and got a rental. (Good thing because it took three days to get fixed!)
On our first day at the beach my manic chasing of my boy at the shorline ended with a dramatic horn blowing from the lifeguard ... SHARKS!

Several had moved in to the shore! I have never experienced that before (in all the years I vacationed at the beach). After about a half an hour the lifeguard said "it's okay to go back in they have moved back out" So people started to go back in and were immediately told to get out of the water. When the people got back in, the sharks started coming back towards them! Creepy! So, we played "dodge the shark"! we enjoyed the pool for the rest of the trip!

We also took Little Man to "Peanut Island". A boat took us to a little manmade island.
We got a tour of a cool replica of an 1812 privateer ship (the sailers dress like pirates and really sail that thing all over the country)

and we also got to tour JFK's bunker (in case of nuclear attack while he was visiting West Palm Beach)
It was pretty fascinating to see. He could have survived in here for 30 days. Little Man sat at the presidential desk for a photo op on the red phone!
My sis-in-law told me that she heard a tour guide speculated that that bunker was actually used for other things (and then sang "heroin and Marilyn"! I take it this was his own assumption!)

Easter Sunday was big fun. Little Man got to decorate eggs and play with cousins to his hearts content.
It was a fast and fun Florida family vacation.


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Wow, it sounds like a fun vacation except for the car thing. I have never had a shark experience, thank goodness. We are always at the beach.

yonca said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip.Sharks creep me out! The pool is better..hehe:)Looks like Little Man had a lot of fun decorating eggs:)

otin said...

Sharks are not a good thing when you are at the beach! I catch hundreds of them all summer off the NC coast!

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