Monday, January 11, 2010

In The Heart of a Child, Part II

My dad's sweet kitty, Tigerlily, just passed away this week. She was almost eighteen, so it was sad, but for the adults in the family it was not totally unexpected.
Little Man, however, who still seems to be a little obsessed with such subjects, had a million questions about it when my dad ate dinner with us the other night.
"Why Tigerlily DIEEE, because she was really, really old and really, really sick?" "Yes, honey" One minute later, "Why Tigerlily dieeeeeeeeeeee?"
"Is she in heaven with Poppie now?(His paternal grandfather)""Is heaven in outer space?"
Considering other options ...
"She live in my HEART now!" Then, putting his left hand to one side of his heart, "Tigerlily meet Poppie", then his right hand to the other side of his heart "Poppie meet Tigerlily!"
Then, pondering the possibilities and touching his heart again with a grin, "Tigerlily, meet MICHAEL JACKSON!"


Amy said...

Oh that's so funny!! Hilarious! And sweet too. Tigerlily must be learning to do a mean moonwalk right now.

Are you thinking of coming to Blissdom?

Michele said...

Meet Micheal Jackson!!! ~ classic.

What a sweet little man you have there ;)

Death questions are tough... Trinity asks ALL the time.

Helene said...

Awww, death is such a hard thing for them to understand. I was just having a talk about it with my daughter. The questions are endless.

Your son's comment about Michael Jackson was adorable!

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

That is quite possibly one of the funnier things I've heard. :)

When our old cat died, my son was on a death kick for days. He even wanted to dig her up to see if she was still there. I told him she went to heaven. Where's that? he asked. "Um...I'm not sure exactly." "Can't you just look it up on the computer?"

Ah, if it were only that easy!

Margaret said...

Oh my, that is too sweet! Thanks for sharing that!

Lori E said...

Our cat lived to the ripe old age of 18 too. He was just a great old cat. Though his death was sad I could write the most hilarious post on it. However my 22 year old son would kill me as he definitely doesn't see any humor in it at all.
The cat himself, who had the best sense of humor, would think the story is funny too.
Nice to meet you, thanks for following my blog and right back at you.

magda said...

what a sweet little lamb. love your sweet innocent pure little man. i do openly and shamefully look forward to the departure of one of our dogs. it will be sad for me to see him go, but mostly i will cry because it will be the end of the years of "emotional neglect". and i may never be ready for my little boys to know and worry about death like matters. very sweet post.

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