Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

I am clinging to last lazy holiday days in jammies as long as I can. Monday, it is back to real life. And, I have decided, Monday is when my New Years resolutions kick in as well! (With New Years day on a Friday, I think we have some flex time!) We have a move coming up, I'm not sure what is going to happen in adoption land, and I have lots of work to do so I am enjoying chill time (and bad habits) as long as I can. :)
December 30th we went to my "brother", co-writer/producer Don Henry's annual birthday bash at the Bluebird Cafe, the well known "listening room" for Nashville songwriters where you can often hear the person who wrote hit songs performing them themselves with just a guitar or keyboard. Their slogan is "shhhhh" because it is all about the song there and people want to actually hear the lyrics, so if you talk during songs you get shushed! Anyway, the show was a blast. It was Don, Craig Carothers, Annie Mosher and Nathan Bell in the round and I got to sit in and do mine and Don's "Mud Mama" song from our A Journey to the Son project. (There is a button on this page where you can hear Mud Mama for yourself, by the way! And if you decide you simply cannot live without it, there is ordering info on here as well ;)) Anyway, it was big fun! Lots of o' great special guests and the night ended with Danny Flowers (w/ the gang) doing his song "Tulsa Time" (recorded by Don Williams and Eric Clapton).. pretty cool! I wish my buddy Don 50 plus more incredible years!
New Years Eve we decided to go up the block to our friends/neighbors kid friendly shindig. Little Man was in heaven watching the fireworks and running the house/playing with the toys and friends. He cried pretty hard when we pulled him away at 10 pm because he desparately wanted to have a sleepover with his friends (we promised to have one in the new year). He counted down the New Year (early) in his bed and was out like a light. Jim and I saw the new year come in at home. A great home which we will be leaving in the new year for a new chapter.
I was happy to see that Rockin' Moms included two of my songs (Breast Intentions and Dec 11) in their New Years Eve podcast. Thanks Tiffany!
New Years Day was one of the rare jammie days I was referring to. Bliss. We made a fire and the traditional Southern New Years day fare of hoppin' john (black eyed peas and rice) with collard greens and corn bread. After Little Man fell asleep (in his new tent, AGAIN!) Jim and I watched Julie and Julia using our new Roku box. Julie and Julia is a pretty cool blogger success story for my fellow bloggers who haven't seen it yet.
And now here we are, the day after new years day. Lots I need to start doing for the move and to gear up for the new decade. The last decade brought a lot of exciting things and I look forward to lots of great things in the decade to come. But, I hope to remember the sentiment Don and our friend Tom Occhipinti expressed so beautifully in their song at the Bluebird ... The Road to Paradise IS Paradise.
I wish you all love and laughter and music and magic in 2010 and beyond! xoxoxoxo


blueviolet said...

I have to start everything on Mondays too. Nothing else has ever worked for me.

I'm going to have to rent that Julie and Julia movie!

Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Sweet, sweet, well-written post! Sounds like a wonderful kickoff to the new year for you and yours. Congrats on the success of A Journey to the Son! Best wishes for greater success, plentiful peace and -- yes! -- mucho magic in 2010!

Michele said...

My official New Years isn't going to start until Monday as well...LOL
Glad to hear you have been kicking back, and enjoying your time and bad habits.

I wish you much continued success this new year in all that you do!! And hope to see you for some Tornado's and Tequila!!

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