Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodbye, Dolly

Yesterday marked a milestone. My little boy got his last book from the Imagination Library. ( The Imagination Library is a literacy program that Dolly Parton started in Sevier County, Tennessee that has expanded all the way to the UK. A wonderful idea, a book a month from birth to age five for all residents of participating communities, regardless of family income. The first book is The Little Engine That Could and the last is Ready For Kindergarten.

Yesterday, my Little Man recieved Ready For Kindergarten in the mailbox. I opened it up, and on the front page there was a typed note to the Imagination Library Graduate from Dolly herself! It made me feel quite nostalgic and emotional as she wrote about how just it felt like only yesterday when family and friends read him his first book when he was a little baby (sniff, sniff). She touched me when she
encouraged them to dream big and asked for a promise to keep up the reading as they venture into school. And then she really got me with the way she signed off, "I will always love you"
We love ya too, Dolly. What a beautiful thing to do for kids!


ModernMom said...

Had a quick look through your blog and love it!!
Found you and am following you through MBC, hope you can come on over and see me!

Amo said...

I have never heard of this. I'm going to have to look this literacy program up!

JoeyRes said...

Ready for kindergarten??? Is there a book like that for the moms because I am NOT ready!

Betsy Thorpe said...

We received our final gift from the Imagination Library in September, all three of my granddaughters benefited from Dolly's vision and generosity. I believe Tennessee is the only state that offers this special service to it's youngest citizens.

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