Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rockin' review

Hey guys, here are reviews I just got on the rockin' moms site, one for A Journey to the Son book and one for A Journey to the Son CD.(Both of which are available at www.ajourneytotheson.com). Hope you all have a rockin' holiday!

Rockin' Moms Book Reviews A Journey to the Son
by Lauren Braddock Havey


Lauren Braddock Havey’s “Journey to the Son” is the true-life tale of her journey to motherhood. It is unlike any book I have read on the subject. It was delightful, heart-breaking, funny and spiritual all at once.

It reads like “the bad news is…but the good news is…but the bad news is…but the good news is…” and so on and so forth. Abandoned by her mother, loved by her husband, unable to conceive, an IVF success story, a bumpy pregnancy and a miracle birth—it’s quite a ride. Written with great honesty and humor, you can’t help but root for her in her good times and bad.

My favorite chapter was “Angels in the Room”. I like the author have lots of questions about spirituality and the afterworld. Prone to “believe” in ghosts, I loved reading every word of this chapter. Havey’s take on faith, religion, the super natural and miracles is masterful—her writing magical.

I read this book in one sitting—unable to put it down. It’s an optimistic tribute to the power of motherhood.-

Reviewed by: Judy Davids

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CD Reviews
Artist Name: Lauren Braddock Havey
Album Title: A Journey to the Son

Home State: TN
Website: A Journey to the Son

Reviewed by Deborah Crooks

CD Review:

Given her Nashville roots and songwriting lineage (she’s the daughter of acclaimed country songwriter Bobby Braddock), it was a given that Lauren Braddock Havey would find plenty of material as she and her husband underwent in vitro fertilization treatments to conceive a son. Not only did the process allow the couple to birth a child, the experience inspired Lauren to author a book-length memoir and a full-length CD that share the title A Journey to the Son. Billed as a “folk-rock opera, each song on the Cd has a companion chapter in Lauren’s memoir (Two Harbors Press; ISBN 978-1-935097-71-6; October 2009). Granted with titles such as “Waiting Womb” “Breast Intentions” and “Grounded and Stones” (The Gallstone & Bedrest Song), the average listener might be put off by the graphic honesty and physicality of the lyrics, the songs offer great information to those looking at fertility treatment options.

In vitro fertilization isn’t for the faint of heart and Lauren is unflinching while depicting the hopes, fears and literal trials that accompany the process she underwent on her journey toward parenthood. But the songs serve as a testament to possibility and hope and any expecting parent could probably relate. Despite telling tails of discomfort, the songs are buoyed by Lauren’s bright voice that is strong throughout the disc. She doesn't wallow and is especially effective on the song “Breast Intentions” where she sings in a voice reminiscent of Sheryl Crow. Produced by Don Henry, arrangements vary from acoustic lullabies to rock; others such as “Grounded and Stone” are highlighted by slide guitar while “December 11” carries a rock edge. —


Michele said...

WOW, wowwwy, wow!!! Thanks for sharing those reviews with us. They are awesome. So cool to hear such amazing things being written about you!!! I totally can't wait to read your book! You have inspired me to get off my butt and finish mine!
So, so proud of you. I can only imagine how you must be feeling with all this wonderful, like I said before, "Well deserved sucess!!"

And thank you for always taking time out of your hectic life, to leave such sweet comments on my blog.
I heart you!!!!

mudmama said...

You are soo sweet! I had no idea you were working on a book---can't wait to hear more about it! If it reads like your blog it will be awesome. Heart you right back!!

Oh, by the way- in the CD review the title of the song is actually "Grounded and Stoned" about bedrest and gallstones :)

The girl with the flour in her hair said...

I might have to buy this book. I'm so intrigued. :)

Leisa Hammett said...

Buy it! It's all these things in the above review. I'll be reviewing it in an Arts Friday in my blog this year. Lauren: congratulations! Great reviews!

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