Monday, October 12, 2009

A mother and child reunion

Yesterday we were at the Southern Festival of Books. I was very honored to have award-winning Southern author John Egerton introduce me. My labor doula, (Beulah the doula!), was onhand and that was a bit emotional as she witnessed first hand all of the drama of my birth/complication. It was the only major complication she has had in her many years as a labor doula. Jim pointed out during the presentation what a great support she had been to him that day. Then, after the signing, Dr. Growdon, the OB who saved my life, popped in from the hospital just in time to get a copy of the book and the CD. I am glad that Jim asked for the four of us to pose for a picture together. A happy ending after a very scary day four years ago!


Leisa Hammett said...

Congratulations, Lauren! That's a great, supportive cast of characters!

Carrie-in-TN said...

Lauren, lucky you on so many fronts. Your story sounds awesome...and Mr. Egerton is a dear friend and a writer I respect so much. Many blessings! And, I look forward to connecting again. (I had a doula too, by the way!)

mudmama said...

Thanks, Lesia!I should see if they want a role in the road show! ;) They were both AMAZING! Dr G. is a lifesaver.

Hi Carrie, that is neat that you know John, too. He is wonderful. Thanks for the nice words, and I look forward to connecting again, too!

mudmama said...

BTW, I now know it is L-e-i-s-a, rather than L-e-s-i-a ( a friend from highschools spelling) Sorry for being a spaz, I have got it now!!! :)

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