Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Service Sunday

It is Sunday morning and I am craving a little spiritual nourishment. There is a spiritual living center nearby that Jim and I like to visit. But the last time we went we had a bit of an issue.

Little man was in the nursery (oh, how I love a gated room) having a great time. But before the end of the service they line the kids up and bring them while the band plays an instrumental version of "Feeling Groovy" (yes, there are some hippies in the house!) and they all get up on the stage and everyone sings an uplifting song with all of the sweet and innocent tots up front.

I could hear that the kids were out in the hall in preparation to come in to the sanctuary. I fought the urge to go see how my often-impulsive guy was doing. Before I made a definitive decision whether to stay put or go check on him, I saw a blond giggling head blur down the aisle solo. Little man had busted away a few minutes too soon and stood on the steps in front of the band and donned a pretend microphone and swayed to the music for everyone. The were smiles and chuckles around us, and, while we may be looking at a future in entertainment, that is a way to give a mama a heart attack. I scooped him up and crouched on the front row until it was the kids turn to be up front.

So I haven't gone back there since for fear of him making another break. Boys will be boys, I s'pose, and I will get brave enough to go again ... but it hasn't happened yet!

Spiritual nourishment for today? A walk at Nashville's beautiful Radnor Lake.


AhamPrema said...

Ahhh what a beautiful blog :) Love it!! Sounds like an ideal Sunday service to me! :) Keep it up beautiful mama!

Amo said...

I totally understand! When I take my son to Baby Bookworm at the library, he immediately crawls up to the teacher and takes her teaching doll away and won't give it back or share with the other children. If we take it away from him he throws a fit in front of 30 to 40 other moms and toddlers. It is so embarrassing, so we have stopped taking him until he is old enough to understand about sharing!

Zelna said...

what la lovely blog. so welcoming.
thanks for following me and i'm definately following you

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