Friday, August 7, 2009

Up where we belong

Since my boy is out of pre-school this week I decided to make today a "staycation" day. We went to the pool and then my fave four-year-old and I had a movie date. We saw the movie Up and wow, it was really good. There were sad parts that I think fortunately go over little ones heads. (Minor spoiler coming up) They even dealt for a brief, yet possibly too close for comfort for one who has been through it, moment on the subject of miscarriage/infertility! Too bad the woman in the story's generation did not have modern science on it's side. Maybe they could have given her a leg up.

Pixar did not disappoint.


Molly said...

Sometimes staycation days are the best...we just had a bunch last week. Found you in the under 100 group at MBC....

Theta Mom said...

Staycation days are always good ones! Just found you on MBC! I am your most recent follower. :)

Kim said...

Found you through MBC. Glad I did! :)

My son and I have yet to see UP. Sometime soon I hope.

I'm following you now. Can't wait to see more of your blog.

Amy said...

Hi there! We loved Up too and I agree about the infertility/miscarriage part being thisclose to too much... but an excellent movie!!

Hey I co-hosted a recent blogger meet-up in Nashville called Margarit-Her (it was at Cantina Laredo) and we're doing another one in October. I'll try to get word out - maybe you can join us? We will all put badges up on our blogs with the time and place when it gets closer, so watch those Nashville mommy bloggers and you should spot the badge!

mudmama said...

Thanks so much for checking in everyone! I will be checking out your blogs too.
Amy, I love the margarit-her idea! Hope to stay posted on that one!

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