Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who's your Daddy?

We just spent an action packed few days at the in-laws stomping grounds on the Jersey shore. The week included two trips to the boardwalk, eating greasy delicious authentic pizza and soft serve ice cream, riding roller coasters, running at Nannie's farm with the new doodle-dogs . . . I think my little boy had fun too. ;)

His Grandee had a lovely commitment ceremony and he helped his bigger cousins take up the rings and when asked to say something for them shouted his rehearsed line of "All you need is love" adding "I love you, bye bye!"

Then there was one moment back at Grandee's house that was ironic. He started thinking about his cousin's family relationships.

"Michael and Isabel have two daddies?"

"Yes, honey- they are half-brother and sister"

"Dylan and Gracie have two daddies, too?" When I confirmed that was also the case he feigned a dramatic cry, wailing "I don't have two daddies!" then headed for the front door, he was on his way to find another daddy! Who'da'thunk your parents still being together would be a source of distress!

Grandee's partner, "Pepe" Bob, said to me, "you know what you've got to do, Lauren" . . .

Sorry, Dear!

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