Tuesday, July 7, 2009

moonwalking the line

With the King of Pop's passing, my little guy has gotten a quick education in all things MJ and seems a bit fascinated.

"He a man or a lady?"

"He black or white?" (Despite our colorblindness at home, he has developed a recent interest in differences in skin color, asking a caucasian woman with her Ethiopian adopted daughter friend of his "why you no match"?)

"Are there three Michael Jackson's?" (kinda)

"Why he die?" ("Too much medicine")

A couple of days ago, I was inevitably at the computer, doing some last minute things for my book release, while he was playing nearby. As it got too quiet for a second I went to check on him to find him trying to climb into the clothes dryer.

"Don't ever do that!"

"I hide and surprise everybody!"

"That is very dangerous"

"I die?"

"If someone got stuck in there, they wouldn't be able to breathe and you need air to live"

"I die and go up, and up, and up and see Poppie and (Cousin) Gracie's Daddy and Michael Jackson? Bye Mommy!"

Ok, this is kind of horrifying to me. Of course I'd like for him (and me) to believe that we could see loved ones and music icons in the hereafter, but not enough to want to make premature visits! I suppose it is hard for young kids to realize that you cannot just moonwalk from one realm to the other and understand the finality of it. How do you walk the line between protecting your child from harsh realities and giving them enough of a dose of it to keep them safe? I hope to have the grace to know how to balance that.


Leslie Barr said...

Hi Lauren - I just love your blog title today "Moonwalking the Line" very clever!--g.h.

NC said...

A child so innocent and curious and through the eyes of a child all the world is a mystery. Love and blessings to you all. Ms. Lee xoxo

mudmama said...

Thanks Girl Howdy!

So true, Mz Lee! xoxo

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