Friday, June 12, 2009

kissing and telling

I have been in a flurry of switching geers as my old publisher is closing it's doors. Therefore, I have scurried to find a new publisher who can still get my book out on schedule this fall. Luckily, this appears to be the case! YAY!
I have kept my old book cover, a picture of my little boy, when he was not quite two, giving me a sweet little kiss. This is one of my favorite pictures ever, as it captures a loving, yummy mother and son moment. A friend of mine shared the cover with an associate who asked if she was "open to critisism" about it and then said she thought it was "inappropriate" to kiss your child on the mouth. WOW! This thought had never, ever occured to me. (Because that is so far from my realm of thinking) DH and I are just so thankful to have him, and love him so much, that we kiss him all of the time. I was very surprised to hear that someone would take issue with that and am kind of amused that, even before the release, something I found so innocent could already be controversial! Oh well, I guess it is always going to be something. I have polled a few mommy friends to see how they feel about smooches with their babes and they do the exact same thing with their four-year-old boys and girls. I am sure his kisses will naturally dwindle as he gets older, and I will respect that, but I will savor every moment for now!


nashvegas said...

You are absolutely right. My favorite picture is of my son and me in a kind of leaning-in lip kiss, and it's one of the sweetest pictures I have of him! He was about six then, and has since become completely "un-kissable."
I love the cover, and can't wait until your book comes out!

mudmama said...

Thanks so much, I am so glad you can relate! I will keep in mind that that "un-kissable" time is probably inevitable, and will be sure to keep ya posted on release info as well. (Virtual) kisses to your boy!!!

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